Why Shop Legacy Home Decor


Our most appreciated service according to our customers is our flexible convenient online shopping options.  We understand that life is hectic!  We want to make things easier on you, not harder, nor do we want to add more to your already overflowing plate.  It’s because of this understanding that we’ve custom designed our online shopping experience to reflect what worked best for our customers through close observation and asking for regular feedback to ensure we were exceeding our customers online standards.  Legacy makes shopping online so easy that it’s become one of our most complimented services by our customers.  You can shop on our website 24/7 and find hundreds of top trending home décor items.  When you’re ready to checkout, you will be given the option to pick your purchase up at our store whenever it is convenient for you or to have it shipped to you!  At Legacy we have an entire room that we have closed off and dedicated to our online shoppers.  Once you checkout, we will bag your order for you and it will be held for you until it is convenient for you to pick up.  No one will be badgering you about picking up and we will keep it safe and sound for you until it fits in your schedule to come by and get it.  You can even create a gift registry on our website or sign up for our rewards program that will automatically track your rewards tokens and you can redeem them as they build up on the website for free home décor!  Since community is an integral part of Legacy, group pick ups have become very popular because once you start experiencing Legacy for yourself, it won’t be long before you are telling all of your friends and family about the amazing experiences you are having with Legacy and they will want in on the fun.  Our customers insist on spreading the exciting news of finding a unique home décor store that caters to their customers needs without breaking the bank therefore, before you know it, your neighbors, family members and friends will all be buying online right along side you.  Every day we have customers come in to pick up their purchase, but also picking up for their entire Bunco group, neighbor, sister, co-worker, etc. in order to help them out because as a community – helping each other is what you do!


Our store has a very relaxed and fun atmosphere and you are sure to always find something at Legacy to take home for yourself or for someone else!   Many of our customers are regular shoppers and are very dedicated to shopping small business over the big box stores.  They regularly travel from Cypress, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and even Waco, Texas just to experience the Legacy shopping experience in person and to see what exciting thing we are up to next!  We know how difficult it is for mom to get away and actually shop for home décor with demanding family schedules, so Legacy is designed for the whole family to come visit us!  We have a “Little’s play area for your little ones to play with on our huge magnetic tic tac toe board or with any of our age appropriate toys all in a regularly cleaned and sterilized play area while mom shops in peace and actually gets to enjoy her shopping experience.  Trust us…once kids enter into the “Little’s” play area, you’re going to have a difficult time convincing them it’s time to leave…not the other way around!  We understand the need for the bigger kids to also be entertained and because at Legacy Home Décor we are committed to providing a fun shopping experience for the entire family, we also have a play area for the “Middle’s” aged kids that has an indoor basketball shooting game.  While the “Middle’s” love their own spot to shoot hoops while mom shops, we’ve also caught quite a few dads practicing their shooting game too.  There’s fun for everyone in the family at Legacy and while we do understand the desire to sometimes shop alone in Legacy’s amazing environment sipping on wine and treating yourself to a tasty cupcake, we are also always committed to providing you with the opportunity to enjoy your shopping experience while making sure your kids also enjoy the experience as well if you do choose to bring them along.  And don’t worry…you won’t find many breakable inside the walls of Legacy Home Décor, because when selecting new inventory for our customers, one of our top objectives is making sure the vast majority of our products are kid and pet friendly so you can actually live in your home and enjoy the beautiful space you have created without worrying about things getting broken constantly.


The wide variety of decorating style and options available at Legacy in addition to the budget friendly prices is always a big win with our customers.  Our store is stocked full of farmhouse style home décor, casual kid friendly décor options, bathroom humor signs, wall décor, tabletop décor, pillows, throws, handmade signs, collage wall pieces, Sweet Grace candles, framed artwork, picture frames, coffee mugs, wine glasses, inspirational signs and décor, furniture, hand towels, gifts, vintage replica décor, industrial décor, cottage inspired décor and seasonal décor.  At Legacy we have a massive selection of the best Christmas décor you will find, as every year we specifically dedicate and entire week to shopping the home goods market and hand picking the best décor for the best price.  If you love Christmas, you will love Legacy! 


Shopping at Legacy Home Décor in Pearland is like no other small business you’ve experienced before! As soon as you enter our store, you are welcomed into our community by our friendly, helpful staff members that are genuinely eager to help you with your home décor and gift needs.  The staff is always happy to assist you, but without overwhelming you and giving you the freedom and space to browse the shop so you can fully soak in the Legacy shopping experience and cultivate your inner creative design style at the same time.  Customer service goes above and beyond in all that Legacy does for our customers and we have built a reputation that our customers trust and highly recommend to friends and family.   If Legacy doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we will go out of tour way to see if they can find it for you at the best possible price…catering to our customers brings us great pride, not to mention that we always appreciate a good challenge!  If you want the best customer service, best prices, best quality and unique décor unlike other stores, Legacy Home Décor is absolutely your go to store!