July 18, 2018

Whether you are just starting out on your own for the first time, starting over, on a tight budget or just budget minded in general…you’ve probably already learned there are creative inexpensive hacks for so many aspects of your life, and decorating your home is no different!

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Often times clients tend to overlook the potential of decor items they already own, simply because they have only seen them in one light and haven’t considered the ways they can slightly modify some of them, giving them a fresh new look for little to no money at all!  I’m going to show you a few examples that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing and will open your eyes to the possibilities some of your “old stuff” might be capable of transforming into.

1.  Paint Dry Brushing old decor – This one I actually did a full blog and video on, so for more info be sure to look back in the blog post history and check that one out.  All you need is a dry paint brush (the cheap throw away kind works best IMO), a very small amount of paint (it doesn’t have to be white…it can be any color) and a paper plate or piece of clean cardboard (see previous blog on technique and actual application steps).

Here is a before and after example for you…it’s a completely different look in less than 2 minutes!


2.  Taking 2 items you own and merging them to become one new fabulous item

I always seem to find one of these old ornate, gold open frames in my attic somehow from old canvas decor.  A simple coat of paint on the frame and clock (that had previously been used in a different room) can tie the two items together for one cohesive look, that suggests it was an expensive store purchase, when really it didn’t cost you a dime!

3.  Mixing Old and New – These old chippy cabinet doors were found in a garage corner and considered “junk” at the time of discovery.  I paired them up with this new wood cut out “gather” piece (one of our vendor’s makes these custom words) to make a stunning focal point in this dining room!  My favorite decor items are the ones that are unique like this one and aren’t mass produced!


4.  Painted books for days – I LOVE painted books!  Odds are you have some old hardback books lying around that you no longer read or need.  For very little if any money you can transform them into unique coffee table decor.  Simply paint the books whatever paint colors you have existing in that room and bind them together with some ribbon or even string.  If you want to add an extra accent you can attach an embellishment such as this fabric flower shown here.  The sky is the limit on the books because they can be painted any color combo to match any decor scheme!


By being open minded and looking at the decor you already have under your roof in a different view, will allow you to create stunning, unique pieces for literally almost no money at all!  If you have an existing item you aren’t sure how you can transform it, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’d be happy to share my vision for it with you!  Anyone can go shopping and spend a fortune creating cohesive spaces, but the true ingenuity lies in your own imagination and open mindedness on not what something is right now…but what it can become with an ounce of effort!