Meet the Legacy Tribe…Shannon (hubby), Ashleigh, Ashton, Aidan & myself (Jennifer). We will save all of the farm animals for a separate blog otherwise this could turn into a book instead of a blog.

Looking back, I can now justify the home decorating experiences my children have been “blessed” to be a part of growing up. ¬†They didn’t know it at the time (nor did I lol) but I was “grooming” them for what would come later ūüėČ

I won’t for one minute pretend that I do this Legacy thing all by myself…because I never have and never will. ¬†It’s simply not possible no matter how many Supermom powers you have been gifted with. ¬†Regardless of age…every head under my roof, plus my mom, has aided me in making Legacy what it is today. ¬†I could not have accomplished it all¬†if it wasn’t for their ongoing support and sacrifices we all make as a family to keep it going (and God’s undeserved blessings). ¬†I could write an entire blog about the countless ways that Shannon and my mom have a hand in Legacy growing and continuing to thrive. Hands down…it can’t be summed up here but mad props to both of them for always being there for whatever I need, so we will focus on the family as a whole today.

There are definitely¬†some jobs I’m simply not cut out for that require¬†the smallest family member’s special skills. ¬†Like this time I REALLY wanted that light fixture ¬†waaayyyy in the back…bless his heart.

Why does my family choose to do it? ¬†Passion, freedom, opportunity, hope and faith are what motivates us and keeps us going. ¬†On rare occasion, there is a¬†really tough day when those 5 words don’t seem to be enough to keep one of us going for one reason or another. ¬†Those days we pull together even more as a family and split the added load between us and keep pressing forward, even if one of us is being given a piggyback ride until we work our way out of our pity party and want to be a contributing member of the team again (which in my house…you only get 2 to 24 hours unless you are really ill, so you better be resilient and get back on board with the program asap…there’s work to be done folks)!

I believe in getting¬†kids started early to begin developing some good work ethic habits and learning that money isn’t easy to come by. ¬†In my house, we don’t give handouts unless it’s your birthday or Christmas. ¬†If you want something…you work for it plain and simple. ¬†I know…I’m a “mean mom” and that’s ok with me. ¬†I’d rather be a mean mom than to have “entitled” children standing around with their hands out all of the time feeling like everyone owes them something for nothing.

If you plan on starting your own business, make sure your family is “on board” and supportive in your new venture…because you’re going to NEED them…especially until you can afford to hire help. ¬†There’s always going to be a lot of work to be done when you own a business, but make sure to include the fun aspects of your business with your family too so there is a good balance of work and fun! ¬†My kid’s favorite part of my business is the “pickin” part, and let’s be honest…that’s my favorite part too (they like to pretend it’s torture when a camera is in sight but that’s a front trust me…they love it lol).

Legacy is truly a family business and I love that! ¬†We are building memories together while also building a business together…so it’s a double blessing. ¬†When there isn’t much work for the Littles to do…they always find a way to keep themselves entertained and have fun.

When there is Littles work to be done and my kids aren’t around, then I just borrow someone else’s to help me out ūüėČ

There was one thing no one ever told me before I opened my store, that I feel compelled to share with you. ¬†Make sure you have adequate fast food near your storefront. ¬†Like it or not…your family will be eating food from there many nights. ¬†So there it is in all it’s glory…is your family up for the challenge?? ¬†If not…I’ll train the Littles and get them on board with your business plans…in exchange for their free labor of course. Just kidding…well kinda ūüėČ

Ok so I can’t help myself…my goat babies are so cute I had to sneak a pic of one of them in afterall lol