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Cliffview Resort on Lake Whitney

My family and I vacation here about 3 times per year and when I post my pictures from the trip, I get a ton of questions about where this gem is because it’s so gorgeous and serene, so I decided to write a blog on it with all of the info that I can easily share with everyone interested!

This family owned lakefront, cabin style resort is my family’s favorite place to visit!  It’s the perfect affordable family (and pet) friendly place to enjoy the outdoors and make memories doing fun things together.  It’s only about 30 minutes from Waco, so if you want to plan a day trip for shopping and experiencing Waco at the same time, it’s close enough to easily do that as well.  On our current trip we decided to skip out on the Waco part because we’ve already experienced it many times before and we really wanted to soak up as much of the lake and the resort activities as we could on this stay.  I am in love with the scenery and the beauty of the nature that surrounds this place.


Today is day 6 we have been here and not once have I heard “I’m bored” or “where is my charger” since we got here…which is a pretty big deal!  I’m actually dreading going back home and beginning the electronic saga again – I was kind of hoping they would accidentally drop their phone in the lake and that would be the end of that, but they rarely even took it out of the cabin because they were having too much fun enjoying the outdoors to even think about it.



Here are some of the things you can look forward to while staying at Cliffview Resort…

  • 2 playground areas (one for very young children and one for all ages)
  • Sand volleyball
  • Pool table (in the office/gift shop)
  • Ping pong table (in its own ping pong house)
  • Swimming pool (with a basketball hoop if desired)
  • Basketball court
  • Cliff jumping into the lake
  • Fishing (fishing house, fishing from boat slips or you can opt for the fishing guide service, which we experienced this past January for the first time and the boys loved it!) See their website (link at the end of the blog) for more of the fishing details.
  • Non-motorized watersport rentals available such as kayaks, canoes and paddle boats or you can bring your own!
  • There is a boat launch and marina available for guests to rent if they desire (fee option is available for non-guests to launch only).
  • Individual cabins that sleep 4 to 10 people each



One of my favorite things about the resort is that the cabin comes with just about everything I need and my packing/unpacking at home is kept minimal, which is not always the case when staying at a cabin style facility.  All of the kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc. I’ve ever needed for our trips has been provided.  The only thing we usually have to bring for cooking purposes is a lighter, lighter fluid, charcoal, smores sticks and a fish fryer (if we plan on cooking the fish we catch while we are there).  All linens are also included.  If I have forgotten something (or I’m craving a sweet snack), the gift shop usually has what I need (and is priced very well).  Worst-case scenario there is a Dollar General no more than a block away that we usually stop at to get many of our cold items instead of hauling them in an ice chest with us from Manvel.


The resort is very pet friendly!  I lost count on how many animals were here this weekend but there were quite a few.  See their website (link) below for more info on fees pertaining to animals.  The owners have quite a few animals of their own personal pets as well that you are welcome to play with during your stay.  They have dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, a steer and a squirrel (yes, it is a tamed pet squirrel) and I’m sure that I’m forgetting some…but just to name a few.  Duke is a fan favorite…guests LOVE Duke and Duke LOVES children.  He will play for hours with the kids around the resort.  I keep offering to take him off their hands, but they haven’t taken me up on my offer yet – and I can’t blame them.  He’s a great dog!  And yes…sometimes we ask their humans if they can sleepover at our cabin lol.



The best part about vacation at Cliffview is the family running it.  I love this family and you will too!  Everyone pitches in to take care of the resort and it’s beautiful to see a family work so hard together on their family business.

For more info including their rates, etc. be sure to visit their website where most of your questions can be answered.  If you love the lake life, I highly encourage you to try this place out.  It will forever be an annual vacation spot for my family since the first time we visited.  You will definitely want to come back (and so will your kids).