Welcome to the May issue of Legacy’s Home Tours of 2019.  Julie is not only a customer, but she has also been a loyal Legacy vendor since the day we opened our doors in 2015 as our handmade vinyl sign maker.  In addition to that, she’s become a close personal friend, as has her mom Judy, to both myself and my mom.  The relationships that have been formed since Legacy opened it’s doors have been a blessing I certainly didn’t anticipate, but they have been one of my favorite parts of this journey.  Julie and her family have lived in this home for 15 years.  The home was originally her mom’s house, but after her mom took a job in London in 2004, she gave the home to Julie and her family.  Julie’s adult aged daughter has moved out already, but she still has a son, her 3 dogs and her husband Steven living with her.  Her master bedroom was recently upgraded by her father and was her final remodeling project after the home flooding from Hurricane Harvey.
Her home was previously very traditional in style and was very colorful in decor.  She began transitioning to the “Farmhouse” look a room at a time until the home represented her newfound style preferences.  Steven is open to Julie decorating however she wants, so there aren’t any clashing opinions when it comes to decorating their home.  Julie’s favorite part of her home is her formal living and dining area, as it is the first impression when entering her home and it’s the one space that she can count on staying tidy on a regular basis.
Locally, we all know how difficult Hurricane Harvey was to recover from, but can you imagine trying to recover from your home being flooded, while you are going through chemo as you have cancer for the 4th time?  Well that’s what Julie had on her plate all at once…although seeing this complete remodel looking absolutely flawless makes it hard to believe.
The decor in her home is in large part from Legacy, but she even has pieces from the 1930s that were her grandmother’s at one time!
This massive coffee table is one of my all time favorite pieces of furniture to have come through our doors.
When at home, her family spends their time in their cozy family room that can be over looked from the kitchen and dining areas.
Her guest bedroom encompasses both a fun, yet feminine twist!  And that vanity…fancy!
The accents throughout her home are well thought out and each space is truly an attention getter!  And since her kids are grown…I’m betting it actually still looks just as put together today as it did the day these gorgeous pics were taken!
Thank you Julie for your ongoing commitment to Legacy both as a buyer and as a seller!  And thank you for letting us get a peek inside your beautiful home!  You have outdone yourself, even in the most difficult of circumstances and the results have been both phenomenal and admirable!