Welcome to the March issue of Legacy’s Home Tours of 2019!  I’m definitely a tad late posting this one because things got a little hectic with the new store opening, so please accept my apologies for that.  This homeowner is one of our favorite weekly visitors in the shop.  I’m fairly certain she hasn’t missed stopping by a single week since we opened in 2015 except when she’s been traveling abroad visiting some amazing places.  Gaynell grew up in Pearland and loved the community so much, she knew she wanted to raise her own family here, which she has done.  She’s a big advocate of shopping small and local and we admire her efforts to try and find as much as she can in small shops before heading to a big box store.  In fact, when a big box store has something she wants and she hasn’t seen it at Legacy – she will send me the item info and give me the opportunity to find it for her so she can buy it from Legacy instead (even if costs a little more – because it’s that important to her)!

Gaynell, her son and her boxer (Zoe) all reside in her home that she built in 1994. Her favorite part of her home is her closet and I completely understand why.  WOW!


When her daughters moved out she jumped at the chance to convert one of their bedrooms into this amazing closet and the other bedroom into a craft room.  Ha that’s one way to keep em out huh LOL!  Gaynell is an adventurer at heart and travels all over the world with her friends.  Her home incorporates many of her travel memories and also represents her love for the farmhouse look.  She’s done an amazing job at putting it all together!  I have a hard time remembering that her home was completely flooded during Harvey and she’s had to rebuild so much.


I love the bold pop of red she used in her kitchen!  Bold kitchens are where its at in 2019!  I love the way she mixed modern and farmhouse together here.

Gaynell is a DIYer and crafter in addition to the many other hats she wears.  She works full time, travels, crafts, makes her home look amazing and has grand babies she loves to spend time with.


Thank you Gaynell for sharing your home with us!  You have done an admirable job turning your home into such a beautiful retreat!  We love seeing you every week at Legacy and thank you for the small army of new customers you have also brought us – including your daughter – who is actually our May home tour!