Welcome to June’s Legacy Home Tour!  Kim has actually been a friend of mine since Jr High!  We’ve known each other through many stages of life.  Who would have thought one day my kid would be her kid’s baby sitter and that she would be a great customer to my small business?  I’m definitely grateful we’ve been able to stay in touch all of these years.


You know I always love a good collage wall too!

Kim is surrounded by males with her husband Dean, 10 year old son Miles and their 3 male cats.  They have been living in Pearland for 13 years.  Kim and her family spent 10 years on the West side and moved to the East side 3 1/2 years ago when they built the home they are in now.

They love their small, quiet neighborhood and are surrounded by neighbors that have been very supportive during some of their toughest medical experiences recently.  They appreciate the open floor plan, despite the occasional challenge of determining where one space ends and the next begins.  Kim’s favorite part of the home is the open kitchen, dining and living room spaces, because the entire family can be together even when doing completely different tasks.


I love Kim’s unique wine cork twists in her home!  Check out that island!  Impressive!  In case you are wondering…I’ll save you the time from counting.  There are over 1,800 corks there, all hand glued by Kim herself!

When it comes to decorating, Kim has reign inside the home and she gives Dean reign over the exterior for the most part.  He built the deck (btw he’s a local handyman if you ever need one!) and they had the palapas done by a company, which reduces the temperature by 10 degrees, which in Texas heat is significant!


I love Kim’s organizational system/command center for her family.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us Kim and for the years of loyal Legacy support!