home tour

Welcome to our 1st home tour of 2019 (well ever technically)!  I figured I would go ahead and do my own home first and get it out of the way, so the rest of the year we can enjoy homes we’ve never seen the inside of before (and man do we have some good ones to show you!).

Some of you may have seen my home pictures from past articles and blogs published by others.  My family and I moved from our subdivision in Pearland to Manvel 3 years ago.  While we absolutely love Pearland, my husband and I had always said that “one day” we would move to Manvel where the boys could play outside and climb trees and be boys without us worrying about traffic flow on our street, etc. and when the market conditions were right and Legacy was calm enough for me to take on the task, we did it.  I knew exactly what I was searching for in our next home and about every 6 months I would “window shop” on HAR just to see what was out there.  I wasn’t in a huge hurry to move until I found exactly what I was looking for.  One day my HAR search led me to the house that had everything on my wish list…and then some.  I staged my home in 48 hours, took half of our home contents to a storage unit, put our Pearland home on the market for sale and had 2 almost identical contract offers within just a few hours of listing it.  We adored one of the precious families that put an offer on it, as well as their agent and went with that one (both of which have become friends and customers since then).

My favorite thing about my home is how peaceful and relaxing it is.  It feels like a vacation coming home everyday and we don’t often feel the need to go anywhere.  We just want to be home because we love being there so much.  I fell in love with the old oak tree that the road was built around.  In fact…I love all of the trees out here.

We LOVE our street and our neighbors.  When we moved in we found out that several people on the street were already Legacy customers so they kinda knew a little about us before we even moved here.  We couldn’t ask for better neighbors.  The house is on 2.5 acres and as many of you already know we have a pond out back along with 4 goats (Cooper, Charger, Carson and Corona), 3 ducks (only one has a name and it’s Elvis because of his poof thing on his head and we can’t even tell the other 2 ducks apart so what’s the use in naming them) and 2 dogs (Maci & Clyde).  We’ve had Maci for years and we didn’t start the “C” thing until we moved here.  And I’m sure you are already familiar with my family through social media…Shannon (husband), Ashleigh (college aged daughter), Ashton & Aidan (both are in junior high right now).



Now for the inside…almost every piece of furniture in our home was a vintage item that was made new again.  We are a very active family and often you can find boys hover boarding through the living room, tossing a football around or a pet running around so it’s definitely important for my designing to be durable and functional, while still being unique and inviting.  I don’t worry about someone running into any of the furniture because it’s all distressed which hides all of the wear it gets.  A goat (or “hypothetically” a llama) could run through my house and it wouldn’t hurt a thing.

My office is where I spend a lot of my time when I’m home.  I prefer to work outdoors on my laptop when the weather is cooperative, but it’s Texas so you know how that goes.  My preference was an upcycled desk, but after trying it for a while it just wasn’t functional enough for me to run a business from home, so I had to go ahead and get generic desks, but the accents of course are all Legacy.

There is an entire blog on the website already dedicated to the adventure of buying my headboard so if you want to know more about that circus you can read it here.  https://www.legacyhomestaging.com/blogs/news/its-official-everything-in-my-life-has-to-be-complicated-even-a-headboard-purchase

These are pics from my bedroom…

I bought a really neat window accent a while back but it’s going to be a chore to hang it, so for now it’s sitting in the garage until we have time to get to it.

The living room is very casual.  We aren’t much for sitting still very long, so we rarely turn on the tv, but we do enjoy sitting by the fire when it’s cold outside.  And of course we still love our Scrabble collage wall, which is a Legacy staple 🙂


The formal dining room is one of my favorite spaces.  I begged my dad to build the massive farmhouse table for me.  It was his very first time building a table and it came out beautifully!  Most of the home decor is very neutral so I love the pop of red from the buffet in this room.  The door with the cross was something I stumbled upon one day and knew it would be the perfect accent.

My daughter’s bed we made from old shiplap.  You can also view it on our Pinterest page here.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/183943966009445754/

My entry is another one of my favorite spots in the house.  I took several pieces that I loved and mixed them all together for one cohesive look.

I have a sacred “mom” room where I don’t let the kids go.  The idea sounded dreamy…but reality is I rarely have time to go in there myself, so it’s just pretty to look at for now, but when time allows it is my favorite reading spot.

I even managed to squeeze a little of the Legacy look into my son’s rooms (which haven’t been this clean again since picture day).

Thanks for checking out my virtual home tour!  I can’t wait to show you February’s…it is amazing!!!  Please leave comments and questions below and I’ll make sure to respond!