Welcome to the February issue of Legacy’s Home Tours of 2019!  It’s the perfect month for this tour because you are going to fall in LOVE with this one!  I have personally loved watching this homeowner turn her vision into reality.  She doesn’t give herself credit for her creativity, but she did a phenomenal job tying in all of her favorite Legacy decor items into this magazine worthy home!

Lisa, her husband Paul (whom I really had to win over to get his approval for several of these Legacy purchases lol), her twins (one boy and one girl) and 2 dogs live in this adorable cottage style home they purchased in 2017, which is located right in the heart of East Pearland (and close to Legacy – which I love).  It is in a community of charming custom homes, where no two are designed the same, which is what attracted Lisa the most.  The twins favorite part of the home was the pool naturally.  They spent 3 YEARS hunting for the perfect home for their family and went through several lost contracts due to the very competitive housing market in Pearland before this gem became available.

The home was immaculate and very well cared for by it’s previous long term owners (who I’ve learned are well known in Pearland, as it seems everyone in this town knows them).  When Lisa & Paul purchased their home, while it had been extremely well maintained, the traditional theme and colors were very dominant throughout and Lisa had a vision for something much lighter and brighter and Paul being the good husband he is, wanted Lisa to be happy 🙂  The previous owners regularly polished the wood paneling in the living areas, but we don’t want them to have a stroke, finding out every inch is now painted white (shhh don’t tell).  While natural wood is gorgeous, it was simply too overbearing in this house for Lisa to design around it and it had to be painted to lighten to space.  She did however bring in many gorgeous wood and natural elements to still give nature it’s glory in the end result.  As if 3 years wasn’t long enough to be patient while finding the perfect home, when they were finally able to move in – the first two months was lived working around 10-15 construction workers daily, as they did major renovations to cosmetically transform this traditional home into a farmhouse cottage on the interior that was a perfect match for the already cottage feel exterior.

The renovations included painting all of the dark wood paneling to a pristine farmhouse white, all flooring was removed and replaced, front entry was completely remodeled, exterior wall blocking the pool view was removed and replaced with french doors and a bathroom was gutted and redone.  Still remaining on the to do list is the master bedroom and Paul wants a man cave (that he wants done before the bathroom).  Lisa is in opposition obviously, but this is going to be the one time I side with Paul (sorry Lisa I still love you – but I’m looking out for our future best interests if you know what I mean lol).  He’s been a REALLY good sport through the whole process, so I say it’s his turn – and I’m sure I’m going to need to be on his good side again in the future 😉

Now let’s get to the real game changer in Lisa’s house that grabs everyone’s attention….that gorgeous blue kitchen!  What a bold and courageous move that totally paid off – big time!  I’m sure it was no easy decision sorting through hundreds of different shades trying to find “the” one…but she did it (even if it wasn’t completely decided until the minute painters were knocking on her door to do the work)!  It’s a risk that few are willing to take themselves, but seeing the finished product has us all second guessing if we have the courage to do something similar too.

The existing island was removed (after some debate) and replaced with this gorgeous one from Legacy.

This family enjoys spending time inside their cozy home together and when it’s warm outside, they get great use of their back patio and pool where they like to invite friends and family over for grilling and swimming (and where sometimes I drop my kids off in the summer so I can go work at Legacy in peace ha!).  Thank you Lisa and Paul for letting us share the inside of your GORGEOUS home we are all so curious about!  You have truly outdone yourselves on captivating the charm of this Pearland home!