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This technique isn’t anything “new” so some of you might already know about this little amazing secret, but I made a quick video for those that haven’t done this before and need to decorate on a budget. You may have heard this technique referred to as “white washing” or “heavy dry brushing” and no, it isn’t “too good to be true”. It really is super easy, super fast and best of all…FREE! You can update your home decor using this technique and save the cost of a new similarly priced $32 farmhouse accent piece! In my video, I used traditional looking finials that I had laying around, but you can use this technique on picture frames and other decor accents too and it works just the same! It only requires a very small amount of paint (I used General Finishes Antique White here), a paint brush and a styrofoam plate to brush off excess paint. You are not aiming for a solid coat of paint, you want to be sure to leave the grooves darker and not the force paint into those areas, so you maintain the color contrast of dark to light in those raised, ornate and detailed areas. The video is pretty self explanatory, but the most important thing to remember when trying this yourself is to always brush off the excess paint before putting your brush on your decor piece.


If this video was helpful to you and you would like to see more quick tutorials in the future, be sure to leave us comments below and let us know! Now…go find some outdated decor and give it a try yourself! Be sure to send me pics…I’d love to see them!

PS…You aren’t limited to only white paint, you can do this with ANY color! The possibilities are endless.  In 5 minutes I managed to transform all 3 of these pieces below into usable decor for a new white distressed look, for a total savings of $96!