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How to Assemble Scrabble Letters ~ Legacy Home Staging

I’ve tried several different methods since we began selling the Scrabble letters in the store and this one is by far the easiest and most secure.  Additionally, this method only requires that you put 2 holes in your wall which is much better than 30!


*Arrange the scrabble layout per your design on the floor


*Determine how many you will need and purchase the metal strips with screw holes from a hardware store along with enough screws and at least 2 hanging brackets.  Be sure the screw length is long enough to go through the metal hole and part of the Scrabble letter, but without poking through the letter.

*Flip flop the layout face down…be careful and take your time so you don’t accidentally turn one the wrong way because you won’t see them again until all are secured and you are done. Attach your layout using the metal strips and screws.  Take your time and make sure each letter is snug up against its neighbor before securing so your lines are relatively straight.

*Determine where you will install your 2 hanging brackets and install them.  Depending on your layout, you may need to position yours different than mine are in order to evenly distribute the weight.

*Line up your 2 hanging brackets on the wall and hang your layout up.  Depending on your sheetrock and weight, you may need to use an anchor and screw set when hanging it on the wall.