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Jennifer McDougald is the founder of Legacy Home Décor in Pearland, Texas.  She is a wife, mom of 3, business owner and Chief Chaos Coordinator who has a mild obsession with baby goats, vintage campers and all equally awesome endeavors.  While she is always on the go and almost never stops…she’s always open to the idea of a quick comical shenanigan or two, which have become part of the entertainment Legacy shares with their customers.  Professionally, Jennifer has a keen eye for detail and enjoys the challenge of creating beautiful spaces within a budget that is affordable.  She prefers to blend old, interesting pieces along with new home décor items to create a cohesive, unique décor style that represents the family residing in the home.  Her favorite part of Legacy Home Décor is being able to assist customers with their décor selections, as it allows her to continually be creatively challenged and it offers unlimited idea potential since her own home projects are complete.  Jennifer is also very committed to making a difference in her community and is dedicated to continually doing her part to make the world better for someone else.


Jennifer found herself unexpectedly a single mom of 3 children, struggling to make ends meet and saw a segment on HGTV one weekend about home staging.  Jennifer had worked in property management for many years in leasing/sales, marketing and then accounting and while she didn’t have any true home décor industry experience at the time, she knew she possessed the organizational, purging and staging skills she would need to do well in the industry from her experience with working with model apartment homes and leasing offices over the years and Legacy Home Staging was born in 2009. 

Jennifer continued to work in property management full time, while also working on weekends doing home staging and redesign decorating jobs, when her kids were gone to be able to provide as a single mom for about a year before meeting her now husband.  After meeting her husband, she stopped focusing on her side business since the extra income was no longer a driving factor, and it became more of a hobby for her to do as she wanted to up until 2013.  A friend had told Jennifer about a furniture painting class being held locally that peaked her interest, so she signed up to take the class.  Before the class came to a close, Jennifer knew she had found something that she was going to love doing and incorporating into her business, but little did she know that one class would change her entire business direction.  As soon as she got home from the class, she went out and bought a pair of end tables from the Goodwill down the street, so she could start practicing what she had learned.  Before long, her waiting list for custom painted furniture far exceeded her list for home staging.  She began to see the possibility of growing her business enough to one day escape the corporate world in order to be able to spend more time with her children before missing any more of their childhood than she had to.  She began taking her side business more seriously and developed a plan to build it at night and on weekends while still working full time, until she could take the plunge of quitting her job and working her business full time instead.  After 6 months of working on her business every night of the week from 9 pm (when everyone was off to bed) until 2 am, while only sleeping 3 hours a night from 2 am to 5 am, when she had to get up and get ready for another long day, she was finally able to quit her corporate job and Legacy became a full time endeavor in January of 2014. In April of 2015 she opened the first retail storefront of Legacy, which eventually led her changing the business name from Legacy Home Staging to Legacy Home Décor to match the business as it truly was operating, since it had evolved years prior organically.  In 2019 Legacy Home Décor made the much needed move to it’s new, larger location just a block away from the original location.


Legacy Home Décor places high priority on making certain our business model is one that results in providing our customers with the top home décor trends on the market, while also providing very laid back, flexible convenient online shopping features such as holding your online purchases until it is convenient for you to swing by to pick them or we will even ship them to you anywhere in the US!  Legacy is unique in the sense that when you enter our store, you have the opportunity to have one on one guidance from one of our staff members that is eager and willing to assist you in making your décor selections.

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