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I’d love to be just a little less “hot mess” this school year (if that’s even possible).  I mean, I know I’m never going to dodge it completely….I’m married, have 3 children, 9 farm animals, a retail store and website so obviously it’s just not in the cards for my life to have it together all of the time and that’s ok with me.  However, being proactive sure does make life sail a little smoother!


My 2 favorite words are the secret to solving several of our first world mom problems…

1.  Organization and

2.  Efficiency


If you can master these 2 things, I’m pretty sure you can conquer just about anything!  I’m dreading the whole “back to school” routine just as much as you guys are.  I really, really hate mornings…especially the ones where I’m still working from the day before and alarm clocks start going off for kids to get up for school.  The first day of school is quickly approaching whether I like it or not, so I basically only have 2 options.

1.  Pretend it isn’t happening and don’t prepare for it until I absolutely have to…making me the poster mom for hot mess happenings or

2.  Start preparing for it now so that I feel prepared and less stressed having crossed something off my to do list…making me a little less “hot mess” (well for a few weeks anyways until it all spirals out of control).

I’ve finally accepted attitude #2 and started my preparations today, so hopefully I won’t be running out the door with -8 minutes to spare, tossing the kids a tomato from the garden as breakfast while they look at me with the “is she for real” face.  I compiled a checklist for you guys since there is so much to do…and our brains are still in Summer mode and not Fall functioning just yet.  This list isn’t meant to all be added to mom’s already overflowing plate, so delegate some tasks to the family as this week’s chores.  In fact, use this list to your advantage and add some things to it like “clean your room” and “clean the animals cage” and tell the kids you can’t help what’s on the list…it just all has to get done;)

The good news is…this means the holidays and cooler weather aren’t too far away now.  I hope this list helps you get the ball rolling this school year.  My goal is to get everything done by the 1st week of August so I can enjoy the 2nd week of August/final week of Summer (depending on your district’s calendar) with nothing hanging over my head that must be done. When you drop off those adorable, snack munching, fidget spinning “Littles” at school…swing by Legacy and we will engage in some retail therapy;)

We can even start practicing our fundraiser packet eye rolls over some fresh coffee…and maybe tomatoes…

Back to School Checklist 

____    Online registration and fees paid (print utility bill while at a computer and put in                   purse)

____    Schedule pick up & utility bill verification – Date ________  Time ________

____    Bus info/transportation or after school care secured

____    Lunch account payment made

____    School times   ____ am     ____ pm

____    District calendar printed and important dates and holidays noted on family’s                       calendar

____    School supplies, pencils, backpack and lunch kit (hopefully you were able to pre-               order the supplies at the end of school last year so they will be there on day 1.

____    Glasses/contacts/meds (if applicable)

____    Shots up to date and current shot record printed

____    Gym shorts, sports gear, bags, cleats, etc. packed

____    Haircuts done

____    Try on jeans from last year – Buy more as needed – Donate outgrown

____    School clothes/uniforms, shoes, plenty of matching socks, light jacket for cold                     classroom

____    Teacher gift – I heard this “Legacy” place has gifts they will love 😉

____    Hall tree/mud room/family command station cleaned out and current

____    Clean out fridge and pantry

____    Grocery, drinks and snacks stocked

____    Pre-cooked dinners frozen for the first week (or dinners figured out in advance)

____    Laundry caught up and everyone’s clothes put away

____    Car cleaned out and loaded with Fall needs (even if that means having a mobile                 detail guy come to your house/office, like I did today😉

  • Field chair, umbrella
  • Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, wipes
  • Water, sports jug, personal size ice chest
  • Kid entertainment for car rides and during sibling practices
  • Back up phone charger for mom

____    Mom’s gas tank full

____    Alarm clocks set

To receive the Word version of the checklist send us a message through the “Contact Us” tab and we will email it to you!  Blog comments are always cherished!