May 11, 2017

For weeks I’ve been driving by and seeing these legs in a field on the way to my house . They caught my eye from the very first day it was put out there!


Are they throwing it out? Using it for something? Have plans to upcycle it? I must know!!! Surely they aren’t just throwing it out or leaving it out to rot…right? Is there a 4th leg? If not…how can I use it with only 3 legs? What would I turn it into? It’s been keeping me up at night  Today I finally decided what I would turn it into IF there were only three legs and IF they would even sell it to me so I stopped and asked. It was going to go in their burn pile  And as it turns out…the 4th leg was in the field behind it. We found it hidden in some grass after only briefly looking for it! Score!  I’ll update this blog down the road when I finish the project with after pictures, but I’m leaning towards making it a bench or store display as of right now.